Notice of Bogus E-mails and Text Messages

Watsonville Hospital Federal Credit Union does not send e-mails or text messages requesting personal account information. Any member who receives an e-mail or text message that purports to be from Watsonville Hospital Federal Credit Union and asks for account information should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain their personal account data for an illegal purpose and should not follow the instructions in the e-mail. If you respond to such an e-mail and provide any confidential account information, please notify us immediately of the scheme. You should also change your account's PIN and take any additional action recommended by Watsonville Hospital Federal Credit Union to protect your account. When you e-mail the credit union, please do not include passwords, social security numbers or any personal account information.

WHFCU Policies and Notices

Follow the links below to access and print commonly requested information from your credit union:

Electronic Funds Transfer Policy — download the PDF

Privacy Policy — download the PDF

Truth-in-Savings — download the PDF

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