Share-Savings Account

A Share-Savings Account is required to establish your credit union membership. With a minimum initial deposit of just $25, you can start enjoying all the benefits of our Share-Savings Account, other credit union products & services, competitive dividends, and the safety and security of your deposits.

  • Dividends are compounded monthly and paid quarterly
  • No monthly service fee
  • Quarterly statements
  • Additional savings “sub-accounts” are available


Share Certificate Account (Certificate of Deposit)

Our Certificates offer a great way to save money and earn competitive dividends. With an initial minimum deposit of just $2,000, you can open a certificate and start earning higher rates than your regular savings. These short- or mid-term investments can be an excellent addition to your overall portfolio.

  • Minimum $2,000 deposit
  • Flexible terms available from 6 to 24 months
  • Fixed Rate*
  • Dividends are compounded quarterly and paid quarterly
  • Quarterly statements


Holiday Club

Make your holidays even more enjoyable by opening a Holiday Club account. The account allows you to effortlessly put aside a fixed amount each month so that you will have money  when you need it most!

  • Open this account any time during the year with a low initial deposit
  • Automatically deposit funds to your Holiday Club using direct deposit or an automatic transfer from your savings or checking account
  • Fixed Rate* compounded quarterly and paid quarterly
  • Saved funds automatically transferred to your primary savings account in November of each year


Scottie Saver Account

  • Low initial deposit
  • Fixed Rate*
  • Compounded monthly and paid quarterly

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

At different stages in your life, you face different financial needs. Not only is opening an IRA account a safe and secure way to prepare for your retirement; it’s great for saving for other major life events such as college tuition or the purchase of a home.  Also, you may be eligible to deduct your IRA contributions from your taxable income. (Contact your tax adviser for more detailed information).

  • Flexible contribution amounts
  • Tiered variable rate.  Higher balances receive higher earnings.
  • No term restrictions
  • Tax-deferred growth and tax-deductible contributions**

*The rate and annual yield will not change unless the credit union provides a minimum 30-day notice
** Contact your Tax Advisor for details on tax deferral and tax deductibility






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